Tax Compliance

We provide an in-depth and comprehensive analysis to provide monthly and annual tax returns that comply with the regulations. We work closely with our clients to prepare accurate and timely reports consistently.

Tax Audit and VAT Refund

We assist our clients with advice, consultation, data analysis, and review of relevant data and documents. We appropriately respond and represent our clients to tax auditors through the tax audit process.

Tax Dispute Resolutions

We provide dispute resolution to ensure fair tax assessment and regulation for the government and taxpayers. Our approach to resolving disputes is with a range of effective and strategic solutions through our proven track record and extensive experience in resolving disputes.

Tax Review

We comprehensively review our client’s tax implementation to identify any tax exposures and help our client create effective tax planning by relevant regulations.

Tax Consultation

We provide verbal and written consultation to our clients to ensure our client has accurate and relevant information to conduct tax decisions. Our extensive experience ensures our clients have proper guidance to mitigate tax exposure.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

We provide transfer pricing documentation service in accordance with PMK 213/PMK.03/2016. The regulation has regulated the approach to three transfer pricing documents: Local File, Master File, and Country-by-Country Report (CbCR). Moreover, the regulation has held the taxpayer to conduct arm’s length transaction analysis based on the available information at the time of transactions (ex-ante analysis).

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